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Where can I explore today?

As well as revisiting everywhere you visited yesterday, today you can visit: F) The house with the yellow door

I don't know the password for the house with the yellow door?

Did you spot the shields on the wall in the house with the black door? This could be a clue...

I don't know how to work out the password clue...

Didn't you open an envelope containing a book to do with shields?

I STILL don't understand the password clue!

Use the Heraldry book in envelope 2 to decipher the letters of the password. Each coloured shield corresponds to a letter of the alphabet: The password is: MAGICA Don't forget, all passwords are in CAPITALS.

What is the Heraldry book for?

Each shield represents a letter of the alphabet. During your adventure, you will find clues that use the shields to spell words. The colour of the shield corresponds to the first letter of the families' name. You'll find a code in the house with the black door

How do I get into the house with the black door?

All the clues for this are given on Day 1. For further details, look at Day 1 of the Parents Page

We don't keep secrets in our house...

All parents teach their children not to keep secrets from them. It's a great rule. Of course, the first rule of magic is "don't tell anyone how it's done!" We recognise that there is a tension between these two ideas. We also recognise that it might be difficult to explain the nuance of context to a younger child. If it makes parenting easier, by all means, disregard the instructions to learn the tricks in secret. There is no reason why you can't know the secrets to the magic tricks - (but if you are your child's main audience member, then be prepared to be good at pretending to be surprised!)