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Where can I explore today?

As well as revisiting everywhere you visited yesterday, today you can visit: G) The house with the red door

How do I find the password to the house with the red door?

Look carefully at the 'Legends with LEG-ENDS' poster. There may be a clue...

I don't know how to find the clue in the poster

The scroll at the bottom says "Can you fin the PASSWORD to the red door? (follow the footsteps...)" Notice how " PASSWORD" is in capitals and underlined. Also notice how there are red footsteps guiding you from one legend to the next and there is only one route between them Perhaps you can use these details to help you work out the password...

I STILL don't know the password!

Only look for the red, underlined, capital letters and follow the footsteps. If you follow the route of the footsteps it will spell 'LOGICA' - this is the password to the house with the red door. Don't forget to type your password in CAPITALS.