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Where can I explore today?

As well as revisiting everywhere you have visited before, today you can visit: H) The Endless Caves

What do I do with the map?

The map shows you the way through the Endless Caves

How do I read the map?

When you enter the caves you'll be asked if you want to turn left or right. All the screens in the Endless Caves look the same. There is only one path through them, so you will have to follow these instructions carefully. If you get lost or take a wrong turn there is no way back to the right path, instead you should click 'Take me to the Valley' and start again. 1)Start at the arrow. 2) The first black cave screen is represented by the first circle on the map. 3) Follow the red route, below: 4) The route is: turn left turn right turn left turn left turn right turn right ENTER PASSWORD

I've tried EVERYTHING and I'm still stuck in the Endless Caves!

Don't worry, help is at hand! Click on this link: and enter the password

I don't know the password to the door in the caves

Look closely at the map to the Endless Caves. You have spelled out a word on your route. Don't forget, all passwords are in CAPITAL LETTERS!

I give up!  Just tell me the pasword...

The password is: CAVERNA (don't forget, all password are in CAPITALS!)