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What do I do with the page of spells?

Notice the spell with the ink blot is for turning a frog back into a human. Have you seen a frog anywhere in the Valley? Maybe if you cast the spell on them, something interesting might happen...

I can't see the magic word because of the ink blot!

What a pity! Have a look at the other spells. Can you spot a pattern between the magic words needed to cast the spells and the magic words needed to reverse them?

I give up!  Just tell me the password...

The password is: OIBIHPMA

Where is the frog?

Well, well, well... By the well. The frog is by the well.

Where do I use the password that Ursula gave me?

The password will open the door to the tower with the blue door. The password is: PSYCHIUM

What should I do with the Zoltar Weekly?

Read it and enjoy it. Not everything is a puzzle!

Where can I explore today?

As well as revisiting everywhere you have visited before, today you can visit: E) The Well and speak to the frog I) The house with the blue door