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Where can I explore today?

As well as revisiting everywhere you have visited before, today you can visit: L) The Eclipse

How do I watch the Eclipse?

Click on the sun and enter the password. Remember, all passwords are in CAPITAL LETTERS.

What do I do with the riddle to the Eclipse?

The password to watch the Eclipse is given by the eight clues in red. Start at the top and work your way down. Each clue refers to a mythical creature on the 'Legends with LEG-ENDS' poster. Eg. the first clue says: Read the descriptions on the 'Legends with LEG-ENDS' poster. The lion lady with wings is the SPHINX. The clue points to the second letter, ' P' - this is the first letter of the password. Repeat this process to get all eight letters of the password. Click on the sun and enter the password in CAPITALS.

I give up!  What is the password to watch the Eclipse?

The password is: PENUMBRA

How do I find the device?

The device is hidden. The position is written in shield code. To find the shield code combine the pictures on the reverse of the following items: 1) the 'What Happened to the Postmen?' logic puzzle 2) the map to the Endless Caves 3) the invite to the Tower of Truth 4) the riddle of the Eclipse Don't forget, the pictures show what Mysterio has seen in the mirror (so you may need to do a bit of extra decoding)

The pictures of the puzzle don't fit properly...

Try moving them around. Some of the pieces have to be placed at an angle to fit, and some parts of the picture are duplicated, so some pieces will have to overlap. If you're completely stuck, here is a picture of what it should look like:

The shield puzzle is hard.  Give me a clue...

The shields are shown in the mirror, to read the code start at the top and read right to left. Remember to reverse the colour of each shield, eg. the first shield in the mirror looks like this: When reversed it would look like this: With the help of Smithkin's Book of Heraldry we see this is the shield for Inglenook so the first letter of the code is ' I'. Continue this process and the shields will spell out the location of the device.

I give up!  What do the shields say?

The message in the shields is: IN SAFE BEHIND GARGOYLE

How do I open the safe?

Remeber the lesson the Oracle taught you. Listen to the music, the bells are trying to tell you something...

I can't work out what the bells are saying...

They spell: EVILSPELL Enter the password into the safe and save the day!